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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Intel's New Era 4th Generation Processors (Codenamed - Haswell) - Huge boost to Graphics

After the huge success of Intel's i-core processors, they launched the first batch of Haswell processors, which deliver a symbolic boost towards graphics performance in recent PC's and tablets.
Haswell - officially it is known as 4th Generation Intel Core - is the successor to Ivy Bridge (3rd Generation Core processor). Haswell is a new architecture that's built on the same 22nm process as Ivy Bridge. When it comes to graphics processing, Haswell has achieved great success in processing batch graphics. Haswell desktop processor is also known as Core i7-4770K.
Graphics performance is set to improve further still with the forthcoming i7-4770R model, which will include the Iris Pro GPU, which contains more graphics execution units and 128MB of embedded dynamic RAM inside the CPU package, capable of serving as an extension to the CPU cache – or as a high-speed video buffer.
I must say that Haswell will be the greatest invention for many gamers. As it improves the graphics quality up to a lot extent that they don't have to pay huge amount for graphics card. 

Intel revealed something about Mobile CPU's -These include the first two chips in its new Y-range, aimed at tablets and lightweight convertibles: the Core i5-4200Y has a maximum Turbo speed of 1.9GHz, while the Core i3-4010Y is fixed at 1.3GHz. Both offer a low 11.5W TDP, and benefit from Intel’s "one-chip" design, which moves the chipset into the CPU package to reduce power wastage and increase battery life.

Intel Corp. is doing a great job and I wish them huge success in near future ..... When it's "Intel Inside" then performance guaranteed !

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