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Friday, 5 July 2013

HTML5 - Revolutionary approach towards web designing

HTML stands for 'hypertext markup language'. HTML widely used for coding web pages and few mobile applications. While there are still some debates and discussions, I believe the war is over and HTML5 is the future of digital publishing. HTML5 is nothing but the fifth revision of standard markup language HTML. Whether HTML is packaged in an EPUB file, displayed as a website, or packed as an app, its richness and ubiquity make it the perfect language for expressing content.

Why HTML5 won the war and awarded as best scripting language ? Well, whenever we start coding for any website from scratch (without taking help from any CMS) we have to deal with a bunch of sensitive and complex HTML code, the job becomes more tough when it comes to designing of the heavy content site. HTML5 recovered all these problems, HTML5 provides some great features to programmers like 

1) Tools - there are some thousands of HTML editing tools at various points and level of complexity. HTML5 provides developers with tools such as Offline Web Storage, GeoLocation API, Canvas Drawing, CSS3, and many more.

2) Ubiquity - HTML5 works simply perfect with all the web browsers and the mobile browsers as well. 

3) Features- Unlike proprietary formats, or lesser-known languages, there is an ocean of open source code and widgets that can be used to bring content to life.

HTML5 provides an API for a programmer. It is very user friendly and generates code for simple things at his own like a text box or a label etc. HTML5 enhances the contents like the use of graphics, non fiction things, high definition images and embedding of flash. Or even worse, we do the craziest things we can think of and enter an awkward period of using the <blink> tag. (The <blink> tag was an old HTML tag, that caused text inside to blink on and off. It was terrible, but simply because it exists, quite a few early websites made heavy use of the tag.)

HTML5 is the future. Static contents are here. HTML powers the new sites we read, the blogs, even many of the mobile apps we use. It is the core behind todays web. I created my own site with HTML5 and believe me its very interactive and makes life more easy than older versions of HTML.

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